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About me

My name is Xavier Zambrana Puyalto. I grew up in the suburbs of Barcelona. I did a BSc Physics at UB and a BEng Civil Engineering and MEng Civil Engineering at UPC. My career in research started in 2010 as a PhD in the group of Gabriel Molina-Terriza at Macquarie University, Sydney. The title of my thesis is 'Control and characterization of nano-structures with the symmetries of light'. In 2014 I moved to Marseille where I did a postdoc in Nicolas Bonod's group at Institut Fresnel. Since 2017, I have worked in Francesco De Angelis' group at IIT, Genova. First, I worked as a postdoc in a single protein sequencing project, and now I work as a Marie Curie Researcher in the LIGHTMATT EXPLORER project.

Marie Curie H2020-MSCA-IF-2017 GRANT No. 795838.
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