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News and Events

Invited Seminar

Nicolaus Copernicus University

April 29th, 2021, Online
X. Zambrana-Puyalto
What is Circular Dichroism REALLY measuring?


Quantum Nanophotonics 2021

March 1-5, 2021, Online
X. Zambrana-Puyalto, D. D'Ambrosio, G. Gagliardi
Excitation of whispering gallery modes via angular momentum coupling


SPIE Photonics Europe 2020

April 1st, 2020, Online
X. Zambrana-Puyalto
Probing the backscattering of TiO2 particles with vortex beams


Nanolight 2020

March 8-13, 2020, Benasque, Spain
X. Zambrana-Puyalto
Tailoring Mie scattering with Helicity and Angular Momentum


4th Optics at the Nanoscale (ONS'19)

September 9-11, 2019, Anacapri, Italy
X. Zambrana-Puyalto
Probing light-matter interactions with vortex beam induced circular dichroism